In 2008 President Obama introduced his plans for the Affordable Care Act which were rolled out over a period of six years, culminating in the opening of the health insurance exchanges in 2014 which resulted in the enrollment of over seven million newly insured Americans who had previously been uninsured. As a health care justice program, the Act has been a positive step forward. Still, over 30 million Americans continue to live without health insurance which is why I support a Universal Single Payer Health Care system of health care delivery in the United States.

The problem with insurance for profit is that even with the Affordable Care Act, hospitals and insurance companies are still motivated by their bottom line orientation which is about profit. Public health is a secondary outcome of the health care industry whose primary purpose has become to make money for its shareholders. This is partly why prescription drugs are so expensive and even life saving drugs such as retrovirals are inaccessible in places where they could literally save lives. Canada and Western Europe have single payer and their citizens report approval for their system of health care. Their is not a single citizen from any of these countries I have ever met or heard from who would trade their health care system for ours.

In some ways the Affordable Care Act is a dodge to divert momentum away from Single Payer, which a majority of Americas approve of, but in reality the Affordable Care Act was a step forward. Its just that now we need to rally for Single Payer, and the general public just doesn’t think about it much even though there is widespread support for it. That is because Single Payer systems result in an overall decrease in the total cost of health care expenditures while simultaneously increase the amount of coverage.

I will work to ensure that Health Care for All is the a major priority of my tenure of service, only second to reducing the military budget. I will support Universal Health Care legislation which will ensure that all Americans have access to health care, preventative care, long term care and universal health insurance through a Canadian style single payer system.

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