Fundamental to the expression of free speech and democracy is Media Democracy.  The idea that the first amendment of the constitution of the United States of America is not a valid and living document without the full and fundamental participation of its citizens in the exercise of the right to free speech.  Therefore, in support of this fundamental right I support the following measures:

1. Free air time given to all candidates for public office on radio, television and the press.
2. No taxation of the internet.
3. An open and unregulated internet.
4. Full investment in community access television centers.
5. Investment in media literacy at the k-12 levels.
6. Open and unregulated lpfm license grants in all markets.
7. Strict regulation of the FCC.
8. Public ownership, voting, and recommendation process for
all FCC regulations and responsibilities.
9. Increased public investment in the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
10. No support for corporate monopolies of the airwaves.


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