A Woman’s right to an abortion is facing the greatest threat to its continued existence since it was implemented in 1973, in addition, women’s rights to the autonomy of their bodies and their right to privacy is fundamental to women’s progress. 

1. I will work to do everything in my power to keep abortion safe and legal for all women, not just those in ‘safe states’ where abortion would be kept legal.

2. I will work to ensure that abortion remain a federal right, and that poor women have access to federal dollars in the event of need– a right many women have not had access to for many years.

3. I will also support affirmative action and equal opportunity for women at all levels of employment, both in government and in the private economy.

4. I support extended maternity leave, child care credit for working women, and programs which encourage women’s increased participation in mathematics, science and engineering.

5. I support increased funding for domestic shelters, strict enforcement of child support, increased access to preventative health care for women and increased access to leadership roles for women in all areas of society.


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