I support all federal legislation which promotes the separation of church and state.  I believe that the founding fathers who crafted the Constitution intended for the function of government to exist in a sphere separate from the influence of the church.

Having witnessed the devastating impact that theocracies had on governments in Europe at the time, the architects of the constitution placed clear limits and separations on the role of religion in public office.

I do not support the Faith Based Initiatives program and will work to defund this federal program if I am elected to office.  I do not support prayer in schools, the teaching of intelligent design, inclusion of the words “under god” in the pledge of allegiance, nor the placement of the ten commandments in any publicly visible location on federal property.

I do not support the growing tendency in political discourse to appeal to the interests of religious conservatives.  I do not support the eroding wall in this country between church and state.  I believe that federal policy should be guided solely by principles of law, reason, and ethics. I will work to ensure that federal government remains secular.


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