1)I support the full disclosure of all documentation related to illegal government spying by the National Security Agency on US Citizens and foreign allies, and the elimination of such programs.
2)I support the unconditional release and full pardon of Chelsea Manning, the end to continued harassment of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, and the implementation of whistleblower protections.
3)I support legislation to abolish the Department of Homeland Security.
4)I support the elimination of the Patriot Act.
5) I support full disclosure and the opportunity for transparent redress of persons placed on the no fly list.
6)I support an end to racial profiling of Arab Americans.

7) I support an end to the entrapment of Arab Americans and others by the FBI and the immediate release of prisoners ensnared in the FBI’s bait and trap programs targeted towards Muslims.
8)I support the closing of Guantanamo Bay and the return of all detainees to their countries of origin, and the return of Guantanamo Bay to the people of Cuba.
9)I support the full and open disclosure of all information and the return of full access to the Freedom of Information Act and the rights and privileges granted to American citizens under this act.
10)I support the elimination of discreet, undocumented funding of the Central Intelligence Agency.


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