Vote for Peace
Hi my name is Christina Lugo and I am the Pacific Green candidate for US Senate for the state of Oregon. I am running for Federal office because I am a feminist who is opposed to war.  I oppose Senate Resolution 498 which supported the State of Israel during its widespread and massive bombing and shelling of Gaza. I could not support Senator Merkley as I watched hospitals and schools being bombed, families killed in their homes, mosques destroyed and hundreds of thousands of people made refugees in their own homeland.

While I condemn the rocket attacks of Hamas and acknowledge the special relationship the US and Israel have, I oppose $3 billion in military aid to Israel. I decry the military industrial complex here in the United States, which spends $640 billion dollars annually on weapons of mass destruction and ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Democratic Party has failed to close Guantanamo Bay, failed to reign in the NSA, failed to sunset the Patriot Act and failed to make America safer, because both the Republicans and Democrats believe that America must maintain peace through fear, and the Greens believe that we have strength through peace.

Greens support a dramatic redirection of spending–away from war and towards peace. We support spending on jobs, education, healthcare and infrastructure. We are for climate justice, opposed to GMO’s, we support women’s rights and the rights of the planet. We are a progressive party that represents the healing, reconciling, peaceful future we all deserve.

By the way, if Ballot Measure 55 passes–the “Top Two” Primary proposition, it is unlikely that voters will see a point of view of any “third party candidates” in any future November election voters’ guide. Please vote for diversity of values and opinion and Vote NO on Measure 55.

Thanks for visiting my website and thanks for considering the Green Party as a real option for your vote this year.  Please be sure to visit the website for Jason Levin, our Green Party candidate for Governor at and consider giving him your vote too.

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